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Claim For Cash Confidential 

Thursday November 16th, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST 

Join us today and you can earn over $65.00 per customer 
promoting a proven to convert product funnel.

Here are some stats from our last launch promoting an offline product on Warrior Plus!!!

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Hey there, 

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Want a fast way to earn $500 by the end of the week or $1,500 per week within the first month...or more?

My buddy Jim Mack has discovered an awesome method that builds residual income for consultants who specialize in high dollar jobs and are banking month after month. 

They have been selling this service and getting new clients like clockwork right from his office. 

The best part: This not the "OLD SCHOOL" Market. With this new tactic you don't need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO, Squeeze Pages and Autoresponders. Everything is outsourced and hit submit and watch the leads come in!! The business owner invites you in for more and more business. 

If you can click your mouse, you can make money with this system. 

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Easy sale if you follow Jim's lead 

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Email #2

SUBJECT: You Have Got To See This [first name]


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A few days ago, Jim Mack sent me review access to his new training, Claim For Cash Confidential.

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Here's the deal.  Jim has cracked the code for local businesses new tactic. He calls it the Trojan Horse method. Gets you by the gatekeeper and is a super simple system.  You don't need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO and Squeeze Pages. Everything is outsourced and hit submit and the leads come in!!

(At first I didn't believe it either! But I know Jim personally, and I got access to the whole thing, all his testimonials, all the training, everything! It's rock solid!) It gets better!...

He has a way to click a button and have interested prospects calling you! No more cold calling. Awesome, right?

This is absolutely freaking genius! >>Affiliate Link<<  

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I want to let you know about this little insane loophole that has been shared in my mastermind group lately...   Very powerful stuff.

Finally someone has figured  a push button "click of the mouse" way to get sales with a local business. Offline Consulting are a red hot niche. Very few people have figured out how to market and generate leads for attorneys. Jim has. 

And trust me, your clients will love this because they get those bad reviews off page one which means more business for them. 


I'm seeing people actually making some great results with this...   I thought I'll share this with you while it's still hot...  

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You need to take action on this now.    

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One sure fire way to LOSE is to go from scratch.

Lemme tell ya a little secret. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take!  

Lead Generation done the easy way. Bank 500 bucks and more for each new clients. Easy way to 10 clients your first month.

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This does not have to be rocket science.  Just click the mouse and intested prospects call you. 

With this new tactic you don't need Backlinking, Articles, Negative SEO and Squeeze Pages. 

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I hope you enjoyed this email.  

[Your Name]   

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  • Daily Cash Prizes For The First 5 Days
  • Cash for 1st 2nd and 3rd Place
  • Total Sales Cash Prizes 

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What's In It For You & Your Subscribers?

  • Proven Strategies That Work: Claim For Cash Confidential is a complete and tested blueprint we are using absolutely smash out offline marketing every day of the week. Fluff-free and 100% actionable strategies.
  • Over $500 In JV Prizes: 50% Commissions on the front end, we are giving away 50% in the middle of the funnel and 50% on the back end. 
  • Up To $65 Per Sale with Residual: We have put together a high converting funnel. Our previous launch was a huge success.
  • Hot Niche, Product & Sales Copy: This is a new and cutting edge way to repair reputations for small businesses and prospects are hot to learn the newest systems that will change the way reputation management is done. Anything that increases monthly payouts without any more work is always hot and in demand.
  • Reciprocation For Quality Products: We support our JV partners and make sure we do everything to send you clicks and sales like crazy. You have something that needs promoting, just hit me up on Skype (tigerjim14).
  • Top-Notch Customer Support:With constant communications and active support desk, your customers will never be disappointed. Your customers are our customers
  • Price Range:$27.00 to $47.00 - Commission Range:$13.50 to $65.60 

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